Pros And Cons Of Including Sushi At Your Wedding

If you and your significant other love sushi, you might be thinking about including it on the menu at your upcoming wedding. This can especially be true if this fare is significant to you — for example, perhaps you had your first date at a sushi restaurant. Many catering services can offer different styles of sushi for your event, but you should consider these points before you decide to include this food.

Has Your Sales Team Hit A Slump? 3 Benefits Of Adding A Water Cooler To Their Breakroom

At some point, even the best sales team hits a slump, and it is frustrating to watch as some of your company's top salespeople struggle with getting numbers on the board. While you definitely need to do some additional training, there are also some simple things that you can do to increase their sales that you might not have tried before. Water delivery services allow you to easily set up a cooler in their breakroom, and this simple gesture offers these benefits that help your team hit their goals.