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Restaurants Can Be At Risk For Grease Fires

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One problem that every restaurant from the diner down the road to the most upscale haute cuisine place fears is a kitchen fire. A kitchen fire can shut down a restaurant for weeks or even months to get it all cleaned up and restored, and if the fire is bad enough, the restaurant may be a complete write-off. In a commercial kitchen, like a restaurant, the biggest risk of fire is grease, and that risk isn’t just from the cooking grease while it’s being used, it can also be from the grease that is caught in the duct works.  Grease Duct Commercial kitchens should have at least one grease duct, preferably near the fryers and stoves. If the kitchen is very large, it may need to have two or more grease ducts. These ducts are created to carry the vapors and airborne grease particles away from the cooking areas and up and out of the building.  Duct Fires When those grease vapors start to cool back down, they condense onto a cooler surface, in this case, the sides of the duct. As they condense, the duct gets smaller because of the buildup on the sides. The filters on the ducts also get clogged up with grease droplets, which further decreases the efficiency of the duct. Grease also is a great attractor. All the dust and lint flying around gets stuck to the grease and can make a very nasty mess. At that point, all it can take is one spark and everything inside the grease duct can catch on fire and spread to the rest of the kitchen since there will also be grease in the kitchen. The spark could be just about anything, including a fire in a pan that is below the grease duct.  Preventing Duct Fires Most places require that restaurants have the grease ducts because they generally work as part of a passive fire system. Those states or cities generally also require that the grease duct gets cleaned regularly. To get the duct really clean means that a professional has to do it. The kitchen will have to be shut down, so generally, the cleaning is done at night after closing. The duct cleaners will remove all the external parts of the duct, like a fan or hood, and clean them down to bare metal. They will also send tools through the duct itself, from both inside and outside, to get all the grease out of the duct.  Grease fires can be a huge problem in restaurants. Proper equipment and maintenance can cut down on the risk. For more information, contact local professionals like Hooten Equipment Company...

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Do You Work Or Volunteer At A Low Income School With Hungry Children? What To Consider

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Do you work with low income kids and frequently see children that come from families that don’t have enough food? If so, you may want to take the time to have a food services program come into your events. It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher, coach, social worker or have another position, and working with the program is going to help the kids get the healthy meals they need. You can do local fundraising events to cover the costs of these extra meals from the food service programs, and ask for monetary donations from local charities or religious organizations. Here are a few things to consider to make sure that the children you’re working with get the food they need. After School Event Snacks If you hold a sport practice, reading group, or any other activity after school, having a food service provider come in to offer the students a filling snack would be ideal. This could be the last meal that they get before they come back to school in the morning for breakfast. These snacks could be something they enjoy at the event, and also a small something for them to take home. Dinner Options Many public schools are now serving dinners because the staff know that the children aren’t getting any food when they head home at night. If the school can’t afford to offer another meal to students, but they could keep the building open, a food service program may be willing to come in and set up around dinner time so students can come in and get the meal that they don’t get at home. Weekend Meals The food service may be willing to put together sack lunches for the students to come in and pick up on the weekends. These meals will have a variety of food options to last the students throughout the day. These meals may get dropped off in bulk and then you or others will be responsible for handing the meals out when the students come in. If you know that there are children who are hungry and that the school district where you volunteer your time can’t afford to feed the children around the clock, you’ll want to talk with local food service program to see how much you can help. Talk with the school administration to see if they would be willing to allow the food service program like New Horizon Foods to come in as frequently as needed to help feed the kids that walk through the doors every day. That one extra meal or snack may make a big impact in the children’s...

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Reasons Why New Hunters Should Use A Wild Game Processing Company

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Are you or a family member interested in hunting game animals for food? If you or someone you know is a hunter, you or they will need to process the animals and turn them into usable cuts of meat. But did you know that there are people who will handle the entire process for you? Here are some reasons why you should consider using a wild game processing company: Food safety: Unless you are the owner of a walk-in refrigerator, home game processing is often done at room temperature and in a makeshift place, such as a kitchen table. The makeshift nature of the processing area means that it’s more likely that your meat will be accidentally contaminated with dangerous bacteria. It could take hours, possibly even days in the case of a very large animal, to process all the meat. If the makeshift area is kept at a temperature above 40F, this could lead to potential food poisoning. With a wild game processing company, like Custom Butcher & Smokehouse, the entire procedure is completed with dedicated equipment at safe temperatures and by trained professionals, insuring that your meat is as safe as it could possibly be. Personal safety: Wild game processing can be dangerous. If done properly, the one doing the processing will be using extremely sharp knives, saws, and other equipment. A minor slip of one of these tools could lead to an accidental amputation or a cut that requires a trip to the hospital and multiple stitches. Besides the tools, there is the carcass itself. Not only can it have sharp bone splinters that could cause nearly as much damage as a knife, there is also the weight of the animal to consider. Improper lifting and turning of a large game animal, in order to facilitate the butchering process, could lead to things like a hernia or a wrenched back. When you take your game to a processional processing company, you won’t have to worry about getting injured.  Proper waste disposal: Processing a game animal can obviously create a huge mess. Some people like to line their work area with newspapers, in order to help catch all the blood. Other people may do their processing outside, in order to avoid needing to clean up a mess indoors. Either way, you’ll still be left with parts of the animal that you don’t want and will need to dispose of. The offal and bones will need to be disposed of properly, lest you attract unwanted predators or insects. If you’ve taken a very large game animal, the cleanup and disposal could wind up being the worst part. But a wild game processing company will take care of the disposal for you. Instead of trying to figure out how to get a bloody deer skeleton to the dump, you’ll simply drop off a whole animal and pick up your meat later. At no point will you have to try to figure out anything about disposal. Adequate space: Besides being a good alternative for people who would normally process their game themselves, a processing company is a great alternative for hunters who are currently living in an apartment building. While you may have a freezer with room enough for meat from a deer or two, you may not have anywhere to process game even if...

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Need To Replace The Gas Safety Valve On Your Commercial Oven? How To Determine Which Type You Have

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When you turn on a gas oven, you cannot see if the gas is ignited unless you have the oven open to look at the flame bar. This is not a safe practice because if the flame does not ignite immediately, there can be an explosion once it does catch and reaches the gas that has accumulated. However, to prevent this from happening, there is a gas safety valve that keeps the gas from being released until there is ignition from the pilot light. Anytime your oven has a small explosion inside when you turn it on, you need to replace the safety valve. Be sure to buy the same type of valve the oven has already to ensure your safety. FMDA Valve This valve includes the thermocouple. If the thermocouple needs to be replaced, you will have to replace the valve piece as well. It has a ½ inch circular red button underneath the valve. It comes with either both “in and out” holes at the top, or with an “out only” hole. When you take off the defective valve, if you have to unscrew two tubes from it, you have an “in and out” model. The “out only” model is only connected by one tube. BASO Valve The BASO valve does not come with a thermocouple. If you need to replace that as well, you will need to buy two separate parts. It comes in different designs for different models so knowing the make and model of your oven is important when buying this valve. It also comes with either “in and out” or “out only” connections. To determine if it is a FMDA or BASO valve, look at the pilot button. This valve has a larger button, measuring 15/16 inch. TS Valve It is very rare that you will have to replace a TS valve because it can be rebuilt. Unless the piece has physical damage to it, you can purchase a rebuild kit to repair it. It is available with both “in and out” or “out only” connections. The best way to determine if you have a TS valve is the 5/8 inch pilot button and that it comes without the thermocouple attached to it. In addition to allowing gas to flow freely into your oven, a defective safety valve can also prevent any gas from releasing. If your oven will not ignite at all, or ignites and then the gas shuts off, it could be a faulty valve. Go ahead and replace it. If that does not fix the problem, you  should call in a technician to figure out what is wrong. To learn more about garland stove parts, contact a company like K & D Factory Service...

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2 Great Reasons To Choose Barbecue Catering For Your Wedding

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When you start planning a wedding, it can be easy to get carried away with high-end details like luxurious flowers and designer gowns. Unfortunately, sometimes this tendency carries over to the food portion of the event, and you might find yourself serving fatted duck liver to your old frat brothers from college. Here are two great reasons to choose great barbecue catering instead, and why you won’t regret your decision: 1: People Love Comfort Food That intricate array of miniature desserts might look impressive in your wedding photos, but how will your guests feel about them? After attending your tearful ceremony and waiting through family pictures, your loved ones might want to sit down, eat something familiar, and relax. Unfortunately, if you serve them foreign foods with a contemporary flair, they might not have as much fun at your wedding dinner or reception. However, people adore comfort food, which might mean that your guests will have the opportunity to fill up and enjoy themselves. Here are a few special guests that might really appreciate the familiar offerings: Kids: If you have loads of nieces, nephews, or cousins, it might be hard to convince them to try the deconstructed sushi. Fortunately, most kids can be coaxed into eating mashed potatoes or roasted chicken. The Elderly: The long trek to your wedding destination might have been difficult for your grandma, so why would you punish her with a meal that is hard to munch through? Since elderly people can have a tough time chewing certain foods, soft brisket and roasted green beans might be the perfect way to make your elders feel comfortable. To top it off, barbecue offers a casual vibe, which might be a nice complement to your stuffy ceremony. By offering a tasty meal to your guests, people can eat, relax, and chat—instead of making bets about who can stomach that strange dish. 2: Happy Guests Might Stay Longer Have you ever had to go with your friend to a party, only to leave early to grab a bite to eat? If you decide to serve tiny portions of fancy foods, you might notice that your friends and family member ditch out a little early to get some real dinner down the street. However, if you can provide your guests with a dinner that they actually like, they might stay around longer to participate in these events: Dancing: Who likes to dance when they are starving? By nourishing your guests with filling barbecue, they might decide to stick around for the party you worked so hard to plan. Important Wedding Events: If you don’t feed your guests a meal that sticks to their bones, they might not be around for important wedding events like the bouquet toss or cake ceremony. By serving a delicious barbecue meal instead of unfamiliar upscale dishes, you can create a happy, relaxed environment that everyone is sure to enjoy. Talk to a caterer like Bassett Caterers to learn more about the benefits of barbecue...

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