Has Your Sales Team Hit A Slump? 3 Benefits Of Adding A Water Cooler To Their Breakroom

At some point, even the best sales team hits a slump, and it is frustrating to watch as some of your company's top salespeople struggle with getting numbers on the board. While you definitely need to do some additional training, there are also some simple things that you can do to increase their sales that you might not have tried before. Water delivery services allow you to easily set up a cooler in their breakroom, and this simple gesture offers these benefits that help your team hit their goals.

Increase Productivity Through Hydration

A downturn in sales can be caused by a lot of things, and dehydration could be the problem. While this is especially common in industries that require outdoor selling such as car dealerships, indoor sales teams can still get dehydrated just from working the floor and talking to customers all day. With a cooler in their breakroom, your team will be more likely to fill up on healthy water that helps them to increase their productivity.

Encourage Strategizing and Mentoring

There really is some truth to the concept of talking around the water cooler. As each member of your team takes a short break to get some water, they are bound to run into coworkers who have good tips to share. While water cooler conversations are typically short, getting advice from a strong salesperson is great for boosting someone's skills who is new to the company. Experienced salespeople also benefit from talking to the new members of the team who have undergone the most recent trainings.

Promote Better Overall Health

When your sales team talks to prospective customers, they need to look and feel their best. Since being too sick to come in to work means have fewer people available to make sales, you want to do everything you can to keep your team healthy. Drinking water is an effective way to flush impurities from the body and keep the immune system functioning at its optimum level. By putting a water cooler in the breakroom, your team can drink their way to better health and feel more energized when they go after a lead.

When the sales board hits a new low, its time to give your team a surprise. Whether they enjoy their water straight out of the cooler or add it to their favorite drink mix, having a refreshing supply of water gives your sales team that extra bit of motivation that helps them recover from their slump. For more information, contact a water delivery service near you.