Pros And Cons Of Including Sushi At Your Wedding

If you and your significant other love sushi, you might be thinking about including it on the menu at your upcoming wedding. This can especially be true if this fare is significant to you — for example, perhaps you had your first date at a sushi restaurant. Many catering services can offer different styles of sushi for your event, but you should consider these points before you decide to include this food.

Pro: It's Fancy

Choosing fancy food for your wedding can always be appealing. Individually prepared finger foods, including sushi, frequently go over well at formal events. Conversely, having large batches of food served from amply sized containers can give your wedding reception somewhat of a cafeteria feel. When you choose sushi for your wedding menu, you're definitely increasing the classiness of the event — which will appeal to your guests.

Con: It's Not Conducive To Sitting Out

Some types of food can sit out so that people can help themselves over the course of a cocktail hour, but sushi isn't the ideal food in such a scenario. The raw ingredients in sushi and sashimi can begin to spoil in a short amount of time. This can especially be true in a hot environment — which essentially makes this type of food impossible if you're planning an outdoor wedding. If you're really determined to serve some sushi, talk to your catering service about methods of keeping the food cold. For example, perhaps the plates that hold the sushi could sit on beds of crushed ice.

Pro: It's Unique

There's little doubt that sushi is a food that is unique. Even though sushi restaurants are common in a lot of areas, the average North American doesn't eat sushi very often. This can mean that some of your guests get extremely excited to see sushi on the menu at your wedding. Your choice of serving sushi can help to make your wedding food memorable for your guests.

Con: It's Not Everyone's Favorite

You can expect that some guests will be thrilled to start sampling the sushi that your catering service provides, but this won't be true for everyone. There's a good chance that some of your guests won't have previously experienced sushi — and may not be adventurous enough to try it now. It's never ideal to have certain items on the menu that a percentage of your guests won't want to eat, but this can be the case with sushi. If you plan to move forward with sushi, you may want to add several other items to the menu that will be more widely appealing.

Talk to an event caterer for more information.