Tips For Your Morning Cup Of Coffee

Getting the most from your morning cup of coffee can be a way to help start your day off, but you may not be getting all of the benefits of your flavorful coffee if you are not using some basic steps and techniques.

Buy Coffee Beans From A Roaster

Buying whole coffee beans from a roaster can provide you with coffee that has the richest flavor possible. The flavor and aroma of your coffee will start to degrade very quickly once the beans have been crushed or ground. By buying whole beans from a quality coffee roaster, you can be sure that your morning cup of coffee will be packed with as much flavor as possible. Just be sure you have a way to grind the beans that work for the kind of coffee maker you have.

Keep The Beans Away From Moisture Until You Are Ready To Use Them

When you are storing the coffee beans, it is important to keep them away from moisture as this can cause the coffee beans to spoil or deteriorate far more quickly. In addition to avoiding splashing water on these beans, you will also want to protect them from the moisture in the air. Investing in an air and watertight storage container for your coffee beans can make it possible for you to store these beans for weeks or months before they will start to lose their quality. For those that have a particular kind of coffee that they like to buy in bulk, this simple step will significantly extend the amount of time that you can store these beans before they may no longer be suitable for use.

Clean Your Coffee Equipment Whenever You Change The Type Of Roasted Coffee Beans You Are Using

Some people will like to try a different type of coffee each day or they may enjoy rotating among several different types of roasts. If this applies to you, it is beneficial to spend a few moments thoroughly cleaning the coffee equipment that you are using. This will avoid cross-contaminating the cup of coffee so that the flavor will be as pure as possible. Luckily, most coffee-making equipment is designed to be easy to clean so that you can easily rinse this equipment whenever you are wanting to make a different type of coffee. Additionally, this will remove previous grinds that may have gotten stuck in the system that would have otherwise contributed to the new cup of coffee tasting far more bitter than what was expected. While this rinsing can prevent flavor contamination, you should avoid assuming that it will also fully take the place of a thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the coffee maker.

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