Things That You'll Like About Choosing Airy Italian Bread

When you're shopping for bread at your local Italian bakery, there may be many questions that you wish to ask about the products that you're considering buying. There's one more question that you should add to your list: "Is it airy?" This might seem like a bit of a strange question to pose when you're talking about bread, but it's important to know that many Italian breads have this characteristic. An airy Italian bread has a lot of air pockets throughout it, which is something that you won't notice until you slice it.

If you like the idea of airy bread, one of the bakery employees can direct you to a suitable product. Here are some things to like about airy Italian bread.

1. It's Lighter

While some people favor dense, heavy Italian bread, not everyone is looking for this type. If you're more interested in something light, specifying that you want an airy bread will be a good decision. The lightness can be handy based on how you're serving the bread. For example, if you're offering it alongside a heavy meal—pasta, for example—you may feel as though a lighter bread will be something more appealing to your dinner guests.

2. Its Pockets Hold Toppings

You may prefer to eat your airy Italian bread without any toppings, especially when you've bought it fresh from a local bakery. Of course, it can also be appealing to enjoy your bread with various toppings. If you're spreading butter onto it, you might love how the butter sinks into the air pockets—allowing you to load up on the butter. Or, if you're enjoying this bread in the morning, its pockets will hold plenty of peanut butter and jelly to give you a hearty breakfast choice. The pockets in this type of bread are also ideal for people who want to dip the bread into their soup.

3. It Looks Beautiful

There's no discounting the fact that airy Italian bread has a certain degree of visual beauty that you may find to be appealing. If you're the type of host who wants every element that you serve to be beautiful, you might love the idea of buying an airy loaf, slicing it carefully, and arranging the slices on a board for your guests. Most types of bread have more of a solid texture, so something airy will stand out to those whom you're hosting for a meal.