Do You Work Or Volunteer At A Low Income School With Hungry Children? What To Consider

Do you work with low income kids and frequently see children that come from families that don't have enough food? If so, you may want to take the time to have a food services program come into your events. It doesn't matter if you are a teacher, coach, social worker or have another position, and working with the program is going to help the kids get the healthy meals they need. You can do local fundraising events to cover the costs of these extra meals from the food service programs, and ask for monetary donations from local charities or religious organizations. Here are a few things to consider to make sure that the children you're working with get the food they need.

After School Event Snacks

If you hold a sport practice, reading group, or any other activity after school, having a food service provider come in to offer the students a filling snack would be ideal. This could be the last meal that they get before they come back to school in the morning for breakfast. These snacks could be something they enjoy at the event, and also a small something for them to take home.

Dinner Options

Many public schools are now serving dinners because the staff know that the children aren't getting any food when they head home at night. If the school can't afford to offer another meal to students, but they could keep the building open, a food service program may be willing to come in and set up around dinner time so students can come in and get the meal that they don't get at home.

Weekend Meals

The food service may be willing to put together sack lunches for the students to come in and pick up on the weekends. These meals will have a variety of food options to last the students throughout the day. These meals may get dropped off in bulk and then you or others will be responsible for handing the meals out when the students come in.

If you know that there are children who are hungry and that the school district where you volunteer your time can't afford to feed the children around the clock, you'll want to talk with local food service program to see how much you can help. Talk with the school administration to see if they would be willing to allow the food service program like New Horizon Foods to come in as frequently as needed to help feed the kids that walk through the doors every day. That one extra meal or snack may make a big impact in the children's lives.