Reasons Why New Hunters Should Use A Wild Game Processing Company

Are you or a family member interested in hunting game animals for food? If you or someone you know is a hunter, you or they will need to process the animals and turn them into usable cuts of meat. But did you know that there are people who will handle the entire process for you? Here are some reasons why you should consider using a wild game processing company:

Food safety: Unless you are the owner of a walk-in refrigerator, home game processing is often done at room temperature and in a makeshift place, such as a kitchen table. The makeshift nature of the processing area means that it's more likely that your meat will be accidentally contaminated with dangerous bacteria. It could take hours, possibly even days in the case of a very large animal, to process all the meat. If the makeshift area is kept at a temperature above 40F, this could lead to potential food poisoning. With a wild game processing company, like Custom Butcher & Smokehouse, the entire procedure is completed with dedicated equipment at safe temperatures and by trained professionals, insuring that your meat is as safe as it could possibly be.

Personal safety: Wild game processing can be dangerous. If done properly, the one doing the processing will be using extremely sharp knives, saws, and other equipment. A minor slip of one of these tools could lead to an accidental amputation or a cut that requires a trip to the hospital and multiple stitches. Besides the tools, there is the carcass itself. Not only can it have sharp bone splinters that could cause nearly as much damage as a knife, there is also the weight of the animal to consider. Improper lifting and turning of a large game animal, in order to facilitate the butchering process, could lead to things like a hernia or a wrenched back. When you take your game to a processional processing company, you won't have to worry about getting injured. 

Proper waste disposal: Processing a game animal can obviously create a huge mess. Some people like to line their work area with newspapers, in order to help catch all the blood. Other people may do their processing outside, in order to avoid needing to clean up a mess indoors. Either way, you'll still be left with parts of the animal that you don't want and will need to dispose of. The offal and bones will need to be disposed of properly, lest you attract unwanted predators or insects. If you've taken a very large game animal, the cleanup and disposal could wind up being the worst part. But a wild game processing company will take care of the disposal for you. Instead of trying to figure out how to get a bloody deer skeleton to the dump, you'll simply drop off a whole animal and pick up your meat later. At no point will you have to try to figure out anything about disposal.

Adequate space: Besides being a good alternative for people who would normally process their game themselves, a processing company is a great alternative for hunters who are currently living in an apartment building. While you may have a freezer with room enough for meat from a deer or two, you may not have anywhere to process game even if you wanted to. A processing company will allow apartment dwellers to continue to enjoy hunting for their own food, without needing to try to borrow space from a reluctant friend or relative.