2 Great Reasons To Choose Barbecue Catering For Your Wedding

When you start planning a wedding, it can be easy to get carried away with high-end details like luxurious flowers and designer gowns. Unfortunately, sometimes this tendency carries over to the food portion of the event, and you might find yourself serving fatted duck liver to your old frat brothers from college. Here are two great reasons to choose great barbecue catering instead, and why you won't regret your decision:

1: People Love Comfort Food

That intricate array of miniature desserts might look impressive in your wedding photos, but how will your guests feel about them? After attending your tearful ceremony and waiting through family pictures, your loved ones might want to sit down, eat something familiar, and relax. Unfortunately, if you serve them foreign foods with a contemporary flair, they might not have as much fun at your wedding dinner or reception.

However, people adore comfort food, which might mean that your guests will have the opportunity to fill up and enjoy themselves. Here are a few special guests that might really appreciate the familiar offerings:

  • Kids: If you have loads of nieces, nephews, or cousins, it might be hard to convince them to try the deconstructed sushi. Fortunately, most kids can be coaxed into eating mashed potatoes or roasted chicken.
  • The Elderly: The long trek to your wedding destination might have been difficult for your grandma, so why would you punish her with a meal that is hard to munch through? Since elderly people can have a tough time chewing certain foods, soft brisket and roasted green beans might be the perfect way to make your elders feel comfortable.

To top it off, barbecue offers a casual vibe, which might be a nice complement to your stuffy ceremony. By offering a tasty meal to your guests, people can eat, relax, and chat—instead of making bets about who can stomach that strange dish.

2: Happy Guests Might Stay Longer

Have you ever had to go with your friend to a party, only to leave early to grab a bite to eat? If you decide to serve tiny portions of fancy foods, you might notice that your friends and family member ditch out a little early to get some real dinner down the street. However, if you can provide your guests with a dinner that they actually like, they might stay around longer to participate in these events:

  • Dancing: Who likes to dance when they are starving? By nourishing your guests with filling barbecue, they might decide to stick around for the party you worked so hard to plan.
  • Important Wedding Events: If you don't feed your guests a meal that sticks to their bones, they might not be around for important wedding events like the bouquet toss or cake ceremony.

By serving a delicious barbecue meal instead of unfamiliar upscale dishes, you can create a happy, relaxed environment that everyone is sure to enjoy. Talk to a caterer like Bassett Caterers to learn more about the benefits of barbecue catering.